About Our Mutual Funds

Each scheme of our Mutual Funds is managed by devising a different investment strategy which is reflective of the investors profile and carries with it different risks and rewards. Innovation & technological orientation leads the CAPM managed Mutual Funds to outperform the market in terms of return delivered to investors

CAPM BDBL Mutual Fund 01

CAPM BDBL Mutual Fund 01 is the foremost closed- end mutual fund of CAPM Company Ltd. The asset is intended to give financial specialists an above-normal level of current wage. Read More

CAPM Unit Fund

"CAPM Unit Fund" is the first time ever digitized open-end mutual fund in Bangladesh designed to provide capital appreciation benefits with regular dividend income opportunities. Read More

CAPM IBBL Islamic Mutual Fund

CAPM IBBL Islamic Mutual Fund is the first Islamic closed end Mutual Fund of CAPM Company Limited. This fund is sponsored by Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL), the largest commercial bank. Read More